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When you use our unbranded hemp wrap blunt cones, there is a guarantee that your customers will be happy. With our custom branded hemp wrap, you can be sure of not just making your customers happy but also make your pre-rolls stand out in the crowd through proper marketing methods.

Our custom branded hemp wraps are a great option for your customers as they can market their products using your logo. In normal wraps, due to their thickness, it isn’t possible to see custom-branded filters. At BroCone, we have simplified things for you in this regard. Our cigar band and wrap give you an option to let your brand shine through. This way your product will stand out in the crowd and get noticed instantly!

And for your premium customers that want to stay away from the W-shaped filters, we have lined up a variety of options, including glass, paper, bio-cooling, and wood cooling filters. We suggest you try our paper spiral filters as they provide you with a smooth but heavy draw.

Also, to ensure businesses of all sizes can scale up according to their plans, we have kept our minimum order quantity to 4,800.