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If you want to make a mark in the blunt market and expand your pre-roll line, then our wide range of Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones is a perfect option for you. The speciality of our blunt cones is that they are made from natural hemp and provide you with slow-burning for an enriched smoking experience. These cones are a must-have in your offering as they can impress upon any smoker!

The absence of nicotine or tobacco of any kind makes our Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones a safe option for smoking. The natural hemp used in making our blunt cones ensures they can be sold from any licensed dispensary without any problem.

Quality-wise, we assure you of the best Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones available on the market. All our hemp wraps are imported from Europe to ensure they adhere to the high standards that the customers expect from BroCone.

Our blunts are so special that with each hit they provide to your customers, they will instantly notice subtle natural and semi-sweet flavours that perfectly matches the flower inside them. Also, to ensure the freshness of our blunt cones, each of them is individually wrapped and packed.