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Want to promote your brand using our high-quality and trusted rolling papers? Get in touch with us as we provide rolling paper booklets that can serve this purpose of yours with ease. The feature that separates our rolling paper booklets from others on the market is its French rolling papers that are of ultra-fine quality. These booklets are sure to create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

Each of BroCone Rolling paper booklets contains 32 papers that can be hemp or white brown colour. To enable you to get the best out of these booklets, we provide them to you in different sizes – standard, king size wide, and 11/4 inch king size slim. What’s more, we give you an option to include filter tips that can be coloured, plain, or even customized for providing a new experience for your customers.

To maintain high-quality and slow-burning, we import our papers from France! Therefore, when you choose to have our rolling paper booklets, you can be sure of getting the best one out there on the market. Also, to ensure you get the booklets in their freshest form, we house them in a high-quality and sturdy material so they don’t warp and bend like the ordinary ones on the market do.

Standard Size