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The smoking industry has seen a sort of revolution in the form of our unbranded paper cones. This isn’t an exaggerated statement as these paper cones are as easy as they come! Made from unbleached and natural papers, the unbranded paper cones can be easily filled. What’s more, the papers do not come with added dyes or chalk!

The unbranded paper cones from BroCone are available to you in different sizes. However, irrespective of the size you pick up for your smoke, expect nothing but an extraordinary experience you wish you always had. Many smokers consider our unbranded paper cones as their absolute favourite.

So the next time you wish to try something different and memorable, consider shopping for unbranded paper cones from BroCone. We bet you will not be disappointed. These high- quality and natural paper cones are available to you in different sizes. Furthermore, the papers are sourced from sustainable sources and in an environment-friendly way to make sure you get a product that is authentic and user-friendly in every possible way.

Haven’t yet tried our unbranded paper cones? It’s time you shop for some.

Paper Type
Refined white
Natural hemp